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October 26, 2018

Taka Ni Ajira Initiative

TakaNiAjira (Waste2Employment) is a Global Goals Initiatives aimed at solving both waste and employment challenges in Tanzania. The initiative run programs and projects that unlock the potentials hidden in all generated solid waste.

Some of the activities run by TakaNiAjira: –

  1. Reward4Recycling Program

This is the designed program that is aimed at giving reward to individuals who are engaging into recycling of solid waste.

Statement: –

As part of our TakaNiAjira Initiatives a Global Goals designed initiative we have recently launched #Reward4Recycling program a free and rewarding door to door waste paper collection service in an effort to create more recycling awareness and divert more waste paper that goes to the landfill while creating employments. In this model and through prior agreement with office management, we will place our Reward Bins for the retention of waste paper only. These Reward Bins will be collected by our staff and vehicles at scheduled intervals and our clients will be provided with feedback on the volumes and categories of waste papers that we collected.

For clients that set and reach their own paper recycling targets, Zaidi Recyclers will provide rewards and incentives (#Reward4Recycling) such as tea, coffee, powder milk, airtime vouchers and more. Our rewards based recycling programme is unprecedented in Tanzania and the company believes that this programme will change the public’s perception towards the hidden value of waste recycling.”

Program Pillars –Philosophy

  • Awareness: The program focus is to build more awareness on value of solid waste
  • Responsibility: The program is inclusive and engaging, all people need to be involved.
  • Value (Reward Statement)
    • Is the fresh oxygen you enjoy after saving a tree
    • Is the pollution you have stopped
    • Is the space you have saved as you stopped illegal landfill.
    • Zaidi Recyclers will provide rewards and incentives (#Reward4Recycling) such as tea, coffee, powder milk, airtime vouchers and more.


  • How is the program works?
    • Agreeing with the Recycling Partner
    • Positioning of a Reward Bin
    • Recycling Partner put all types of waste papers in the Reward Bin
    • Recycling Partner for Reward Bin Collection
    • Collecting Reward Bin
    • Sorting and Measuring of Waste Papers
    • Sending feedback to the Recycling Partner
      • Weight per type of waste
      • Reward Points Earned
      • Which reward he/she will receive
    • Delivering Reward During #RewardDay (Every Friday)
    • Taking Pictures as part of record and as a best practice to be shared
    • Receiving Program improvement feedback

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